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Hillary Concedes! Then Names Obama as Her VP!

New York, NY- Addressing her supporters, Senator Hillary Clinton announced her concession of the Democratic party nomination to Barack Obama, then promptly named Senator Obama as her running mate.

“The time has come to officially end my bid for the Presidency,” said Hillary to a crowd of exhausted volunteers. “And I extend a cordial invitation to Senator Obama to join me on the ticket.”

“Let's put all the petty campaign bickering behind us. We should stop thinking in terms of who 'won' and 'lost' this race, and unite the Democratic party behind my concession,” continued Clinton.

Obama's camp released a response on Sunday evening: “Senator Obama is weighing his options carefully. He appreciates Senator Clinton's invitation to be Vice President of her concession, but he must measure this opportunity against being the Democratic Presidential nominee. Lots of big choices to make.”

Speaking to reporters after the speech, Clinton said: “I know when to quit. I lost this race and I must accept that fact. Now is the time for Senator Obama to realize his proper place as my Vice-President in my non-campaign against John McCain in November. We will both have to swallow some pride. However, I'm confident that if we work together, we can lead the Democratic party in a successful concession to the Republicans in the general election.”

“Let's focus on what's important here,” added Clinton. “It's not too late to realize America's dream of me being slightly better than Barack Obama.”

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