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American Idol Cancelled!

Saginaw, MI- In an unexpected move, 32-year-old Dennis Mullaney cancelled his TiVo’s automatic recording for upcoming American Idol episodes and deleted the FOX series finale from his “Now Playing” section.

“I have all these unwatched John Adams episodes clogging up my TiVo,” said Mullaney. “If TiVo starts deleting those automatically, I’m totally screwed because HBO isn’t re-airing them yet. So I’d have to wait for them to be released on DVD to Netflix them, and that would back up my queue. The only solution was to drop Idol .”

For Mullaney, the cancellation was an agonizing decision: “I promised my girlfriend I would save the finale episode because she didn't get a chance to see it, but I already have four hours worth of Real World saved for her. How much space on my TiVo is she entitled to?”

Ratings juggernaut Idol has been a fixture on Mullaney’s TiVo since he bought the device in early 2005. “I thought about switching the setting to ‘Record New’, but I could end up with some stupid reunion episode on there. So, I thought it best to take it off the schedule entirely.”

Mullaney has yet to find a replacement for Idol , but he’s weighing his options carefully: “That show Fear Itself looks kinda good. I might record one, and depending on whether or not it sucks, record the entire 13 episode run.”

Idol ‘s deletion and cancellation comes on the heels of Mullaney’s controversial decision to cancel the “Record All” of NBC’s The Office mid-season.

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