By: Amy

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I ‘m So Excited (And I Just Can ‘t Hide It)

I ‘m hyped up. My girl Jackie Clarke is in town from New York and she is our guest blogger this week. Jackie is the only lady (and I use the word ‘lady ‘ loosely)I know that has a trashier mouth and a worse attitude than me. She ‘salso f ‘ing hilarious. She is in Hollywood for the month, which is very exciting, so I have referred her to someone who could maybe give her some advice on Tinseltown .

And, in the every cloud has a silver lining department: the other day Igot mad at someone on the phone and after we hung up I threw my phoneat the wall. Obviously I broke my phone, BUT that means I can get thenew iPhone next month. Getting new things: 1. Breaking the pattern ofbehavior in which I behave with the emotional maturity of a seven yearold: 0. This video : Priceless.

Finally, we have two new writers, Eric and Ryan over at FOD. They rock and we ‘re happy to have them onboard.

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