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The 12 Worst Father’s Day Gifts


Consumer Reports released its annual list of the 12 Worst Father's Day Gifts on Saturday. If you want to show Dad love and appreciation this year, think twice about giving him the following presents:
1. Homemade coupon for ineffective backrub
2. Coffee mug reading 'World's Most Secretively Muslim Dad'
3. DVD box set of 12-hour Ken Burns documentary 'Cream of Wheat'
4. Microsoft's Zune Phone 3G
5. Novelty card of fat people fucking
6. Twenty crates of 'Ron Paul '08' bumper stickers
7. Build-A-Bear designed to resemble child's cooler, wealthier stepfather
8. Steely Dan LPs from the den
9. A shout-out from son during his acceptance speech at Tony Awards
10. Felt-covered shit statue

11. Lethargic handjob from Mom
12. Relocation to cheaper nursing home

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