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Monday Morning Joke 6/16/2008

A man gets a gift for a trip to Rome to go visit the Pope. ‘ He is incredibly excited and plans a wonderful trip and gets a brand new suit. ‘ When he ‘s finally in Rome, he comes upon a big crowd. He sees the Pope in the Pope-mobile and eventually he comes upon a dirty homeless man sitting on the side of the road. ‘ The Pope has the car stop and he gets out and walks over to the homeless man and whispers something in his ear. ‘ Then he gets back and continues on. ‘ The man seeing this is so jealous and in awe of the homeless man speaking with the Pope he immediately approaches him. ‘ ‘Please can I switch clothes with you, I ‘ll do anything to speak with the Pope.” So the homeless man gives him his rags and gets his sharp new suit in return. The man gets back in the position of the homeless man and waits. ‘ Eventually the Pope-mobile comes back around and approaches the man in homeless disguise. The Pope again stops his vehicle and climbs down to talk to the man. ‘ He leans over and whispers right into his ear, ‘I thought I told you the get the FUCK outta here.” – Clay Heary

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