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Back from Hippy Camp

Funny or Die just got back from Bonnaroo and a LOT went down. We saw Pearl Jam and Metallica live, ate late night at the Waffle House (a southern tradition), startled passed out hippies, waited for Kanye West til the sun came up, tip-toed around porto-potties and experimented with hallucinogens. The best part was hanging out in the comedy tent with some of our favorite comedians

And we shot a bunch of videos on the grounds with Nick Thune

Some stuff with Zach Galifinakis involving punching you in the penis

Rob and Paul from Human Giant and Seth drove around in a golf cart demanding that people clear the green so they could continue their golf game

and Janeane Garofalo would not let go of this baby doll

There’s more pictures from our adventures on our Myspace page – it’s worth checking out just to see Seth as the “creepy old naked guy” in our show. Huge thanks to Rocky and her team for making it all happen, to all the comedians who let us follow them around with cameras and to Walmart for being 24 hours and carrying rain boots and the Bucket List.


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