By: Amy

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No Spoilers!

You know those people who hate spoilers but also refuse to see things with spoilers in a timely fashion? To them I say, Bruce Willis is dead the whole time, Kevin Spacey is Kaiser Soze and Rosebud was the sled. Sorry, but get with the program.

If you don ‘t like spoilers you should STOP READING right now. If not, then here it comes.

We shot something with Morgan Spurlock the other day and it is gonna be good. Don ‘t believe me? Check out this photo.


We also went to The Daytime Emmy Awards last week and shot there as well. Formal wear was required not just for the interviewers but also for our cameraman, Brad . As you can see, he is thrilled.

That ‘s Ryan , Nicol Paone and Brad , still sporting his Bonnaroo beard.

Speaking of Bonnaroo , we might have upset Kanye with this . He even blogged about it. I love Kanye and hope he knows it was all in the name of comedy. Like he is reading this. But if he is and has yet to see The Sixth Sense, The Usual Suspects or Citizen Kane he ‘s going to be pissed.


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