By: Paul Scheer

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Top 5 Things My Mom Said While on Vacation to Visit Me in L.A.

Last Week My Mom and Stepdad Came to L.A. to Visit.

We Spent a lot of Time in the Car Together.
Here are the Top 5 Things My Mom Said While We Drove around Town!

1.) “Paul, let me ask you something when they make those films (re: porn) are they really erect or is that simulated?”

2.) “You know who I like? The Black Eyed Peas. But ONLY that one song!”

3.) “Is this the gay part of town? The guidebooks says, we'll know when we are in the gay part, but I can't tell”

4.) “I still don't think O.J. did it”

5.) “How Much Cocaine would I have to do to lose 10 pounds?”

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