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Nobody Cares That I’m Wearing a Bikini

Hello! Two piece bathing suit over here!!! Full back visible! Mid-drift!? Hipster cut bottoms!!! Anyone?!! No? Ugh.

I’ve been wearing a bikini to the office since summer started and no one seems to care. What’s a lady gotta do to get some attention around here? Actually…don’t answer that. That’s an open invitation for sexual harassment.

In my defense, there is a TON of stuff happening. Like today we couldn’t stop talking about Matthew McConaughey’s new baby. Not that he had one, but that this was his statement to the press – “We welcome Levi Alves McConaughey into this wonderful life and look forward to living in it with him. In the mean time and all times, just keep livin’. ” He’s like a jesus. Not the Jesus. But a stoned jesus that was raised in a sand dune.

Here’s a picture of Ross Patterson , Joey Kern , and Taran Killam during the shoot of 3 Matthew McConaughey’s and a Baby . You can imagine how proud Joey was that he didn’t need a wig for this shoot.

The other thing that might be distracting people from paying attention to me in my swimsuit is the fact that Jake is also wearing a bikini.

Maybe he is or maybe this was just an excuse for me to post one of the MANY photos I have of Jake from this bikini photo shoot. But in any case, damn those broad shoulders of yours, Jake!!


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