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The 9 Least Shocking Emmy Snubs

elongoria.jpg Hollywood, CA- The Emmy nominations were handed out yesterday, with shows like HBO’s The Wire , ABC’s Desperate Housewives , and NBC’s Heroes unexpectedly denied key nominations. Here are nine less surprising omissions from this year’s prestigious Emmy roster:

1. Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, The Hills : Snubbed for failing to deliver believable reality and/or scripted performances.

2. Gossip Girl : OMFGASATWTTGC. (Oh my Fucking God Another Show About Teenagers Who Try to Get Chlamydia.)

3. Katherine Heigl, Grey’s Anatomy : Denied Best Actress nomination because the show’s writers did such a terrible, terrible job.

4. The L Word : Snubbed for Best Drama because after they killed the sporty one, it’s not at all realistic.

5. That Tranny Who Got Arrested for Trying to Do Her Makeup in a 7-11 While Picking Up Men with Her Toothless Mother, Cops : Didn’t pack a punch the way a seven-part miniseries about Paul Giamatti did.

6. Danny Huston, John Adams : Come on, everybody knows his Samuel Adams accent sounded nothing like the real Samuel Adams.

7. Katie Holmes, Every Television Interview : Snubbed for not looking at all convincing as a happy wife or mother.

8. Courtney Thorne-Smith, According to Jim : With three hit shows under her belt and not a single nomination, the famously bland Thorne-Smith continues her ride as the most unnoticed woman on television.

9. ER : It’s just not that funny anymore.

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