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McCain Camp Accuses Obama of Pulling the “Being Black” Card

mccain_obama_0329.jpg Cedar Rapids, Iowa – The battle for the White House turned negative on Thursday as presumptive presidential nominees John McCain and Barack Obama exchanged political jabs, leading to McCain’s camp accusing Obama of pulling the “being black” card.

Said McCain campaign manager Rick Davis: “Barack Obama has shamelessly chosen to make race an issue in this election by being an African American man. That’s politics at its dirtiest.”

“Senator Obama clearly has no choice in this matter,” countered Obama’s campaign spokesman Bill Burton.

“He’s obviously being black in order to introduce the subject of race into this campaign,” added Davis. “I think the American people are smart enough to look past those kind of gimmicks and focus on the real issues.”

In a recent Gallup poll, 17% of Americans described themselves as “uncomfortable” and/or “just plain angry” over the feelings that Obama’s race has forced them to confront.

“Race should not be an issue in this or any election,” says Davis. “But Senator Obama has pulled the card of being born a black man and proceeding to run for President, therefore reminding many America of our longstanding history of racial injustice. How dare he put a spotlight on race by being who he is.”

The Illinois Senator could not be reached for comment in this article.

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