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nm_paris_hilton_070425_ms1.jpg By now it ‘s absolutely astounding to us at Funny Or Die that our little video with Miss Paris Hilton has become a world wide news story. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News, even the McCain camp has weighed in on this.

‘Well, we were there, so we figured who better to give you some exclusive, behind the scenes gossip about Paris and her now famous political run made famous here on FOD? ‘ OK, here we go ‘.

Do you know what Paris really likes to do when she ‘s at home away from the press and the photogs where no one can see her? ‘ She likes ‘.to be ‘.hospitable. ‘ Deal with it.

I ‘m sure for a lot of you, your spirits are broken, realizing your glitzy, club-loving idol is human, but it ‘s true. ‘ From the moment we arrived in the Hamptons to shoot the video, Paris was as nice and accommodating as can be. ‘ She kept running inside to make sure we never ran out of bottled water and as the shoot wrapped up, she made us turkey sandwiches.

That ‘s right. ‘ Paris Hilton made us turkey sandwiches. ‘ Herself. ‘ We didn ‘t even ask for them. ‘ The mustard was spicy, the bread was toasted ‘they were perfect.

Oh, and guess what else was perfect? ‘ Paris ‘ eye line in the video because she DIDN ‘T USE CUE CARDS. Again, deal with it. ‘ I guess the fact that she memorized giant chunks of dialogue for our tiny internet video was the least hospitable thing she did because I spent all night before making up cue cards and then she didn ‘t even use them.

Overall, have to say, Paris was a pro with a great sense of humor and welcomed us as guests into her home.

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