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Monday Morning Joke 8/11/2008

Koala Bear walks into a bar. He's disheveled and grumpy. The bartender suggests he cheer himself up by taking a trip upstairs to the brothel. Koala goes up to the room of a nice skank. He spreads her legs, sloppily eats her out then masturbates until he cums all over her. The hooker is confused when the Koala bear starts to walk away. The hooker stops him, says “Hey, you have to pay me!”. This back and forth goes on for a while but the Koala still doesn't get it. Finally the hooker gets a dictionary and opens to the definition of prostitute and reads it aloud “See! Prostitute: a woman who has sex with men for money.”
The Koala says “Oh!” opens the dictionary to Koala, says “Koala: eats shoots and leaves.”

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