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Chinese Celebrate Olympic Opening Ceremonies With (SURPRISE)!

BeijingOlympics.jpg Beijing, China- In a totally unpredictable move that shocked the global community to its core, officials in Beijing celebrated Friday night’s opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic games with a stunning display of…

(SPOILER ALERT: Read no further if you have TiVoed the event and do not want to ruin the amazing surprise for yourself…….

…. Last chance…. we warned you….)


Attendees at the Beijing National Stadium were stunned by the combustive display in the Friday night sky, as they could have never expected that fireworks would be used as a part of the celebration. “Who would have guessed that a ceremony that celebrated 5,000 years of Chinese history would include fireworks?” said NBC Olympics host Bob Costas, visibly shaken by the percussive jolt and colorful patterns of celebratory explosions.

Many members of the crowd were frightened by the fireworks, unsure if they were part of the festivities or some kind of terrorist attack in the form of a bunch of colorful sparks in the night sky forming the shape of a dragon.

Secret service for President Bush took no chances, pulling the President away from the ceremonies at the first loud cracking sound.

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