By: Jack Packard

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Shen anne eggens

Having spent the majority of my adult life in an office, my soul is near empty and my bank account isn’t fairing much better.But I have learned a few things(.Y.) = boobs8===o = cockand, if you have a calculator near try this.11669 x 3 = 35007so there’s 1 girl(1) she’s 16(116) and she has 69 boyfriends(11669)She does them each 3 times a day(11669×3)She’s really… (if you hold the calculator upside-down 35007 looks to spell “loose”.)

this kills in the break room…really try it.

What has been killing me lately is the “that guy” of the office.The one who forwards you those e-mails and tells hyper inapropreat jokes in mixed company. I fucking hate that guy. and I’ve been keeping track of his jokes…Here is a small sample

-What do you call a really good fisherman…a master baiter.-What do you call an opinionated person in front of a large group of people…a mass debater.-The guy from “Psycho” hired a butler…so he’s Master Baits.-A pirate captain and his hard of hearing first mate kidnap Oprah and Sean Connery, the captain says “tie Oprah to the mast head and throw Mr Connery to the sharks.” the first mate says “WHAT!?!? In frustration the captain says. “Mast her, Bate Sean. -My mother is very forgetful, whenever she cooked clam chowder i’d have to yell…Ma, stir da Baters.-If you are in mexico and you don’t want to see any more bull fireworks or women in house coats you can say… No mas, tora, beta.Yes….priceless and classy.

One more calculator trick.So a 66 year old, a 47 year old and a 51 year old guy all masturbate 8 times a day.What are they thinking about(turn your calculator upside-down)here’s the calculations(664751×8=5318008)

I guess the real point of this blog is that you have to keep your mind busy when you have


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