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Paris Mania

So. The whole Paris thing happened. Big time.

Last week was crazy around here, especially for Jake , who flew to New York, shot the Paris video, and ate a turkey sandwich with her. You can read about that experience here .

After the video went up, things got even more hectic for Jake. Probably the most insane thing that happened was that Jake had to wear makeup.


Oh, and also he was interviewed live on MSNBC.


He did real good with the interview, and thanks to the make-up (and good genes) he looked super handsome on camera! In case you missed it, you can see his interview here . Jake even mentioned the turkey sandwich in the interview. He couldn ‘t get enough of that sandwich, apparently.


PS. We ‘re super excited that Paris is running for President ‘ if Rhianna isn ‘t available maybe this guy can be her V.P.

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