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Mysterious ‘Gerardo’ Creature Spotted in New Mexico

450x300_rico_suave_full2.jpg Following the discovery of an unidentified creature off the shores of Montauk and claims of a Bigfoot carcass in the mountains of northern Georgia, authorities are investigating an appearance from the much-fabled ‘Gerardo’ on a dirt road in New Mexico early Monday morning.

There have not been claims of a public Gerardo sighting since the 1991 music video “Rico Suave.” The alleged sighting occurred on a dirt road bordering the property of turnip farmer Jesus Alomar in the city of Villanueva.

“I was driving down the road when I spotted Gerardo,” said Alomar. “At first, I thought it was a coyote. I pulled up closer and saw that it was a man wearing bandana, skintight jeans and no shirt. It was definitely the guy from the ‘Rico Suave’ video.”

The supposed existence of the pop star has fueled debate in the scientific community for the last 17 years. Dr. Edmond Ray, Professor of Abnormal Biology at New Mexico State University remains doubtful of Gerado’s existence: “Gerardo is a purely mythical creature, like Jon Secada. Every year, I investigate wild claims of people spotting Gerardo or members of the original Menudo. These ‘pop stars’ have not existed for decades and quite possibly never existed in the first place. They are a figment of our collective imagination.”

This latest Gerardo sighting comes on the heels of an Owensboro, Kentucky sportsman shooting and capturing two mammals believed to be the apocryphal duo Right Said Fred.

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