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Obama’s VP Announcement Text Message Written By a 13-Year-Old Girl

obamadebate.jpg On Saturday, presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama chose the innovative approach of announcing his Vice Presidential running mate via a text message to supporters. In an effort to entrust the message to the most experienced text and IM messenger possible, the Illinois Senator enlisted 8th grader Kylie Decker-Morrison of Rapid City, South Dakota to compose the historic announcement. Below appears the entire text, as sent from Obama campaign headquarters Saturday morning:

“R U up?

I know u all havel been w8ing 4 this momentous anouncment 4 a long time. Thnx 4 ur patience in this process.
FYI, this was not an ez pick 2 make. Many hot contenders- E Bayh, T Kaine… even H Clinton ; )

I even thought of picking Liebrman. JK ; ) rofl

But I need a VP who can deal w/ foreign peeps, and still b my BFF, KWIM?

So im going with Joe B.

he has long career of pub serv and has done tons on US comitee on foreign relates.

All I can say is I’m 😀 over Joe! He is some1 who will help lead USA into new era of hope. : )
go joe. lol

Sooooooooooo glad i didn’t pic Edwards…. Ew.

— BTW, R U going to the convention in CO? Want 2 ride 2gether?-

OK, Im totally drawing this msg out longer than should B. LOL!

want 2 c disaster movie b4 my big speech at convention? lemme know.

<3 joe <3 latr,

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