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Mouse Entourage Season 2 Episode 1

At the beginning of their sophomore year, the guys run into Wes Craven and Pauly Shore at a sneak preview screening of An American Tail 5: Bangcock Danger Mouse. Pauly “The Weasel ” Shore has nothing but good things to say about the film, which raises questions about the project. But, when things seem their worst, Ari breaks the good news to them that Variety is calling Bangcock Danger Mouse the mouse movie of the year. The guys end up at Club Moscow to celebrate.

Jelly Beans Mouse
Onnonay X
Shivers Mouse
Chrispenn Mouse
Jeremy Piven
Pauly Shore
Wes Craven
Avital Ash
Keith Wilson
DJ C-Town
Chuck McCarthy – 1st AC
Jen Nies – 2nd AD
This episode featured music from:
Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah
Black Market
Lil Wayne
Special thanks to Raul Fernandez, if he hadn ‘t made it over that fence, we might not be here today.
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