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Don’t Work – It’s Labor Day!

I love Labor Day as a holiday because labor means work and that's exactly what you're not supposed to do! Sorry if you work at Taco Bell or one of those places that doesn't give you the day off. But 4th meal is really important, so thank you for doing God's work.

When I was a kid, my family was talking about a God related holiday: Good Friday. After years of Sunday School I didn't know what Good Friday was and so I repeated this joke I heard on 'You Can't Do That on Television'.(Remember that show?! “I don't know” = SLIMED!) “Good Friday is good because we don't have school.” Not hilarious, but I liked it. My dad didn't. He started fuming because as someone who's only religious on Easter and Christmas he didn't think it was right to make fun of that day. Basically Sunday school was just day care, so after that incident, I was excused from further religious schooling.
Hopefully you have some very relaxing plans for the upcoming holiday weekend. We just shot a video about relaxing with Adam Scott – he plays the biggest dick of a brother ever in Step Brothers. In person he's real nice. Here he is going over his lines:


This video also features a lot of half naked people, cuz let’s face it that’s what you want.


Catch up on some FOD videos over the long weekend. There’s been some political stuff because of the convention:

This killer musical:

And nothing’s funnier than Jake being dumb (now with cute theme song!):

Happy Labor Day!

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