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palin.jpg Washington, DC – McCain ‘s recent announcement that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be his running mate marks the first time that a woman will be on the ticket for the Republican party. Palin is a smart choice to appeal to women voters who are strong conservatives, former supporters of Hillary Clinton, and fans of primetime soap operas like Desperate Housewives and Grey ‘s Anatomy.

‘I ‘m just excited for the drama that a woman can bring to the White House! ‘ exclaimed stay-at-home mom Judy Breener. ‘I don ‘t have time to get to the TV every Sunday night, but if Sarah is a daily antagonist I can read about it in the Soap Opera Digest when I ‘m hiding from my kids in the bathroom! ‘

Sensationalists are already hearing about the possible campaign storylines such as ‘Runaways living under the Bridge to Nowhere ‘, ‘Former Beauty Queen fights body image issues ‘, and what is a blatant copy of a Desperate Housewives ‘ plot ‘I ‘ve pretended to give birth to my daughter ‘s baby ‘.

‘I can ‘t wait to see the guest spots. I hear Gary Sinise is a supporter and he ‘s really talented. Maybe an affair with him? ‘ imagined Joanie Yelson, a 49 year old first time voter and President of the General Hospital Night Shift fan club. ‘I hope they get rid of Cindy McCain though. She ‘s not a very good actress. I would like someone like Patricia Richardson to play McCain ‘s wife. ‘

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