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90210.jpg The CW remake of Beverly Hills 90210 premieres tonight. As fans of the original, here are our hopes for the drama on the new version:

1. Erin Silver, Kelly ‘s kid sister, has an online relationship with Kelly ‘s ex ‘ Dylan. When Erin then runs away to be with him, she finds Dylan passed out drunk in a bar, then overdoses on alcohol herself.
2. Andrea Zuckerman, former nerd and newspaper editor, returns angry with the demoralization of the school. To stop it ‘ she lines the school with explosives and threatens to blow it to pieces.

3. Naomi Clark, the slutty character, stops having sex with her star athlete boyfriend Ted causing him to be super frustrated (blue balls!). Ted can ‘t perform in the championship game, the school loses, and the whole crowd turns on Naomi chanting ‘Head for Ted! ‘

4. Dixon is the Brandon Walsh of the new 90210 and he ‘s obsessed with girls. But the girls he is obsessed with are all at the wax museum!

5. Nat, the owner of the Peach Pit, gets caught smuggling Mexican immigrants through the Peach Pit basement ala Weeds.

6. Full out girl fight between Kelly and Brenda ‘ slaps, hair pulling, and ripped shirts.

7. Rob Estes, the dad and new principal, misses being a student so he starts leading a double life as principal and french transfer student John Paul Regrout.

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