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10 Reasons Sarah Palin Is A Maverick

palinusa.jpg 1) She ‘s Alaska ‘s first female governor.
2) She ‘s a life long member of the NRA.
3) Believes that life begins at second base
4) She still rents VHS tapes from Steve ‘s General Store in Fairbanks.
5) She ‘s the youngest governor to be elected in Alaska.
6) In college she was the first person to play with Devil Sticks in the quad.
7) She has a tattoo of her face ON her face.
8) Always uses the stairs, never the elevator.
9) If she see ‘s a bumber sticker that says ‘Honk if you’re ______ ‘ she honks, even if the _______ doesn ‘t apply to her.
10) She ‘s so pro life she wishes her seventeen year old daughters new baby was pregnant.

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