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Miss_Wasilla_1984.jpg That’s right. The first nude photos of Sarah Palin have emerged and they are X rated and hot. Taken while a college student to pay for tuition for a magazine called “Naughty and Nocturnal” the pictures were first-

Okay, so obviously this is BS. But we had to go for it. Listen folks, I don't know how you're living but hits are money and your horny cheap ass is reading this which translates directly to ad dollars. But now you're already reading this so it will take actual effort to stop. And you know what? I don't think you have it in you. So now we're going to directly plug advertisers until you grow the jawbreakers to make a choice and stop reading what you thought would be porn disguised as news which allows you to see it guilt free. ‘

Sony Pictures presents….. House Bunny. Starring Anna Farris. Check out Foot Fist Way starring Danny McBride coming soon to Best Buy on DVD from Vantage Paramount. ‘ Also go see Step Brothers for a second time. It's still in over 700 theaters….

Wait…. Who are these guys who just busted into my office? What do you mean, “angry FOD viewers”? Get off me…..! I will not eat that! I don't even know what that is! Help! Help!

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