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Wall_Street.JPG A bunch of fucking cocksuckers that fucked us hard were caught fucking everybody and now they are fucked. ‘A lot of people got fucked! ‘ said one shithead. Assholes and cocksuckers still reeling from the Lehman Brothers ‘fuck-you ‘ and the sale of Merril Lynch feel even more fucked as the possibility of an even bigger face full of shit is surely coming their way.

‘We are all fucked big time, ‘ said another dickhead. Homeowners and lenders who have mainly taken the blame for fucking everyone else can now turn their middle fingers at larger brokerage firms and banks for being the real fuckers in this fucked up crisis. The same dickhead, who is just one of many responsible for shitting all over the rest of us, also added, ‘There had to come a day when people realized that we were fucking them from behind. I had hoped it was after I sold out and fucked everyone. Now I ‘m fucked! ‘

The full extent of this ass pounding is still unknown but most fuckers who make their immoral shitty living fucking people say we haven ‘t even felt the full fucking yet! The possibility of a giant like A.I.G. going under is such a huge fuck-you that many fuckers are still in denial and refuse to admit we are fucked. A.I.G. which promised to insure all the big cocksuckers in their schemes to fuck everyone now finds itself on the wrong end of the fuck stick as they will surely be fucked by all these little fuckers.

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