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Ten Most Amazing Moments In Yankee Stadium History

ny_yankees_logo.jpg Last night’s Yankees/Orioles game brought the closing of Yankee Stadium, one of the most hallowed temples in American sports. Here are ten incredible moments from the stadium’s 85-year history:

1. 1927 – Babe Ruth devours ham sandwich between 2nd and 3rd base run of World Series winning game.

2. 1928- In visitor’s locker room, Ty Cobb delivers longest racist rant in stadium’s history.

3. 1939- After winning $35 on lotto scratcher, Lou Gehrig addresses fans, calling himself “the luckiest man in the world.”

4. 1956- 8-year-old Billy Crystal attends first game at Yankee Stadium. Decades later, the experience serves as inspiration for two dozen one-man shows and 600 hours of stand-up material.

5. 1977- In between 4th and 5th innings of World Series Game 6, clutch hitter Reggie Jackson captures Son of Sam killer, David Berkowitz, bringing him to justice.

6. 1979- Pope John Paul II celebrates Mass at the ballpark. After Communion wafers fail to ship from Vatican, quick-thinking Pope substitutes footlong hotdogs as body of Christ.

7. 1992- U2’s Zoo TV tour plays two shows at the Cathedral, marking the most colossally lame event in the stadium’s history.

8.. 1996- During a Yankees/Orioles game, 12-year-old fan Jeffrey Maier reaches over his seat and fumbles a deep hit from Derek Jeter into the stands, helping the Yankees win Game 1 of the series. Maier is beaten to death by rabid Orioles fans in the parking lot.

9. 2001- Weeks after September 11th, President George W. Bush throws out first pitch in Yankees game. Bush’s perfect strike marks the greatest achievement of his administration.

10. 2007- While making out in stadium’s nosebleed seats, 19-year-old Bronx resident, Nate Matrisco, gets to second base with 18-year-old Angela Vilanova in record time.

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