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orgasm_graphic.jpg In bedrooms across the country, liberal females have been voicing their support for Senator Barrack Obama during the act of coitus. Typically, this political stumping starts early with foreplay and gentle whispers of ‘o….o…o ‘ and general builds to a climax of ‘O…O…O! ‘ as in, ‘Obama! Obama, Obama! ‘

These sexually supportive females have been shown to have an effect on the people they are sleeping with. Typical white male McCain supporters who have been boning these orgasming females have shown a shift toward Obama. First they seem to ask if the women are indeed voicing support for Senator Obama. ‘Oh? Yeah, baby? Already? Oh? ‘ And then, once males realize their sex partners are indeed about to forcefully support they Senator, many are themselves showing their support. ‘OH! Yeah baby! Me too! Oh! Oh! Oh! ‘

The McCain campaign has not responded to these findings but an insider speaking on the condition of anonymity says the campaign wasn ‘t too worried, citing a finding of their own that 66% of these females are faking their support.

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