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Sarah Palin gets NAKED at Debate!

sarah-palin-1.jpg By Jake of the FOD Team

Holy Shit! ‘ I couldn ‘t believe it! ‘ Like most Americans, I flip on the TV last night to see the VP debates. ‘ Everyone knows Sarah Palin ‘ brought a new level of excitement to the election, but fuck! ‘ Stripping down nude in the debate! ‘ Holy Shit!

Things got off to a pretty normal start. Biden starts spouting some general Democratic positions, and Palin says ‘I think the people are ready for a different kind of politician. ‘ Here ‘s what kind of politician I am. ‘ ‘ Then she got sexy: she reached behind her head, let down her hair, and started unbuttoning her blouse.

Joe Biden does a double take, lifts up a pizza box and says, ‘Ms. Palin, if you don ‘t have enough money for this pizza, I guess you CAN pay with something else. ‘ ‘ Palin says, ‘Oh, you mean I could pay with THESE? ‘ And rips open her- aw, fuck it.

I ‘m lying to you. ‘ I didn ‘t see the VP debates. ‘ I meant to, honest, but I had accidentally DVR ‘d the wrong cable channel and I ended up watching a Milf-centric titty flick on Skin-a-Max. ‘ Granted, I was thinking of Sarah Palin the whole, time, but I lied to you. ‘ I lied to you in the headline of this story in order to get hits.

Please stop reading this story. Go home. ‘ Spend time with your family. Try to recover from my lies. ‘ Try to repair your shattered mind as it rattles in realization that Sarah Palin kept all her sexy buttoned up tight and all of her clothes on.


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