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Sarah Palin’s Favorite Karaoke Songs

by Donna-Jo Thorndale and Shira Piven
Day Three: Thoughts about yesterday's blog: Damn it!! Forgot to include Idi Amin and Evil Knievel in the dinner guest list. Heard about the guy at the Palin rally yelling ‘Kill Him! ‘ when she talked about
Obama ‘paling around with terrorists. ‘ Like my grandmother always said-make sure to set the perfect ‘ tone at a social event and everyone will have a good time. ‘
Notes for today: be more realistic, no sniping, pay honor to who she really is. ‘

–“My Way” Elvis Presley version
— ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” AC/DC
–“Papa Don't Preach” Madonna
–“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” Pat Benatar
–“Let's Get It On” Marvin Gaye
–“These Boots Are Made For Walking” Nancy Sinatra


a. Single-Payer Vaginal Plan
(Republican health care option for all heterosexual vaginas offering affordable 100 dollar co-pay for rape kits, and free abstinence only classes. Must sign “Mandatory Monogamy” agreement to participate)

b. Selective Prayer Vigil Provision
(A “pray away the gay” clause allowing faith-based groups to embrace queers, fag-hags, poly-amorous couples and otherwise sexually unique individuals)

c. Smarty Pants Virus Pathogen
(Communicable disease afflicting Democrats. Spread when intelligence meets compassion and forward thinking. Symptoms flourish when exposed to common sense, generosity and a glass of beer)

d. Sarah Palin Vice President
a/k/a Nightmare on Elm (Maple, Oak, 3rd, Main, Olivera, MlK, Mendocino, Grove, Cedar, Jackson, Lotus, Cesar Chavez, Citrus) Street. ‘

e: Super Powerful Victory Pow-Wow
(A Native American ritual performed after McCain/Palin lose the election. Includes feathers, dancing,
a drumming circle, sweat lodges, and passing of the peace pipe)

f. All of the above.

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