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Corp Heads Shove Profits Up Ass

By Donna-jo Thorndale and Shira Piven (for days 1 and 2 see Donna-jo Thorndales posts)

Day Four: Thoughts about yesterday's blog: Pop Quiz results very telling, remember not to mix sweet and dairy, smaller government with economic collapse. ‘ Remember not to tout your own ‘reaching across the isle ‘ (when I was in elementary school, this was not a good thing) even during heated debate. ‘ Also: STOP LYING .

Goals for today: Turn to poetry in times of woe. ‘


Palin Pick

A Vegas crap-shoot
Maverick McCain doubles down
Hello nice lady!

Palin period

Viper with the wink
You rule in dark Alaska
Not in our White House!

Alt version:

Ice Queen with the wink
You rule in dark Alaska
USA? No way!

Mortgage Crisis

Don ‘t take my home, George
Seven hundred billion bucks
Some loan: can’t fix us

Three for Deregulation

Apes now run amok
The Zookeeper dropped his keys

Unchecked by the light
Corp heads shove profits up ass
Greedy cock-suckers!

How will truths trump lies
Five corporations own us
Rummage couch for change

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