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Soapbox City

By Donna-Jo Thorndale and Shira Piven

DAY FIVE: Write on step two of getting off Palin. Economy is distracting as hell, try to stop thinking about it! Stay on topic. Cheer up by browsing polls, then do step work/step aerobics.

*A CNN/Time poll finds: Obama leading in some key red states. AP reports that, in New Jersey, McCain has given back gains.
*Fox/Rasmussen finds Obama gaining in swing states.
*Additional polls find Obama leading in other states:
* Ohio up by 6.
* North Carolina up by 6.
*Pennsylvania up by 10.
* Virginia up by 12.
* Alaska: lagging, but rape is up by 3 times that of national average. Highest in the country!! Also high in percentage of: hermits, militia, misguided college students, salmon fishers, survivalists, oil workers, wolf-hunters.

(damn, snuck Palin in at the end. They didn’t even mention Alaska in that pole, I admit it)

Additional media news:

For the GOP, tough going. Maybe a visit by Sarah Palin will prove to be the antidote to the current GOP struggles in New Hampshire. Asked yesterday for his opinion on same, Republican chair Fergus Cullen called her probable visit next week “very, very welcome” emphasizing “very” and “very.”

Dow dips below 9,000 for first time since 2003, says the Associated Press. Stocks plunged in the final hour of trading today, sending the Dow Jones industrial average down 679 points — more than 7 percent — to its lowest level in five years.

(CALL SPONSOR!!! These ‘slips ‘ are ridiculous. Trying to put together at least 24 hours of clean time. Kicking Palin/collapsing economy is proving to be harder than anticipated, triggers are everywhere.)

Easy Does It:

That was some debate Tuesday night!

Some actual quotes from friends and family:
–McCain seemed tired and had no new ideas. He is done.
–Obama responded to McCain’s lies too many times.
–McCain kept giving speeches while Obama would quickly return to answer the question every time.
–McCain sounded like he was telling me a bedtime story ‘or a ghost story.
–Boo McCain! (this one from my 8-year-old again, who also made a wish that Obama would win the election).

We Only Keep What We Have By Giving It Away:

One of the most amazing things is that even in these worst of economic times McCain, who once upon a time seemed almost decent, is still clinging to the failed Republican obsession with cutting taxes for the rich. Rich or not, every republican seems to have a deep, deep primitive, way-way-back-to-our-ancestors, into-the-depths-of-the-fossil-laden-soil, maybe-even-before-mankind-walked-earth fear that someone will take something (money) away from them. Maybe the good ole U.S. might suddenly become a commune. Maybe in the name of giving to those who cannot provide for themselves we might make a mistake and give to good-for-nothing freeloaders.

There is a nauseous fear at the whiff of any social program, fear that what I earn might benefit others besides me and my own family, ‘ fear above all that I might not get the chance to become so rich all my unhappiness, vulnerability and confusion will vanish. Don't raise those nice rich people's taxes! or I'm worth 100 Million, don't raise my taxes!! It ‘s my destiny to drive that Porshe and sit on the veranda overlooking a beautiful body of water with my boat floating in it, sipping a cocktail and not have to work another day in my life. IF THOSE IMMIGRANTS, SINGLE MOMS, SENIOR CITIZENS OR TRAILER PARK PEOPLE TAKE SOME OF MY MONEY, THIS OPPORTUNITY MIGHT BE GONE AND I MIGHT HAVE TO STAY CONFUSED, VULNERABLE AND UNHAPPY FOREVER.
Or this is all we can figure out.

Hey, we did it! We ‘re at least getting off Palin! Keep coming back, it works if you work it.

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