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12 Stocks to Definitely Stay Away From


1) Pets.Com II
2) UGPYC; The United Gold-Plated Yachts Corporation
3) Toastex; Makers of disposable toasters
4) HumCoz Int.; Worlds largest producer of Hummer Cozies
5) Dustin Diamond Global Multi Media Trust Inc.
6) Ska Music
7) HamSadz; U.S. firm that designs and manufactures custom Hamster saddles.
8) Mimetec; Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets
imaginary objects.
9) MoneyLogs; Company makes and distributes fireplace logs made of
compressed $100 dollar bills.
10)GloveCoa; Makers of gloves WITH fingers.
11) GravAquatics Industries; Company invests in research and
development of interstate water slide commute systems.
12) U.S. Bonds

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