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Most Popular Guy on Facebook Updates His Profile


At 12:55 pm on October 21st, the most popular guy on Facebook, Andrew Edelman, changed his relationship status to “single”. At 12:56 his relationship status changed to “married”, but then around 12:58 pm, his relationship status was suddenly back to “single.”

When questioned about his flip-flopping, Edelman responded, “I was going to put married to this guy everyone around campus calls Bullet. We got fucked up at this party on Saturday and I thought it would be hilarious to put that we were married on Facebook. But then I thought about it and I'm not sure we're at that level in our friendship where we can joke around like that. Maybe in a few weeks.”

Edelman decided to stick with his “single” status. He changed his favorite quotes to “First rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club.”

For a complete list of Andrew Edelman's updates, head over to your Facebook homepage. He also compared you to his friends. He'd rather be trapped with you on a desert island than the guy he used to carpool with to C.C.D.

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