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Thisorning wehad as hoot where wew shot it at a bar and was like allowed to drink and actually hadt odrink for theshoot to make the hinglook real and shit.’ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyweay, I got druink and now I'm haere at wokr for the rest of the day and I just sawthe most fucking hilariousfucking video on youtube tahrt I”ve ever seeeeen!!!!11 ‘ Itsthis kid that dose domething to his voicetomake ‘ it all crazy nd highpicheed. ‘ HAHAHAHAAHAAAAHHAA! ‘ SO, theygo to me, “””you don't look good, maybe yui shuldnent do the news story for toeady and i'm likc fuck you and fukc it i'm fine and now i'm writing it and it's gonna bet a millin fucking hits you just wait, fuckre.!
that'slike the joke where i go 'my cats jjust ran ALLover the kayboard' but i don't actualy have cats i just mashedc up all the keys with ma fingerz! ‘ ‘ LATERASSHOLES!

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