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Another News Anchor F Bombs on Live TV, FCC Says Fuck It

LOS ANGELES, CA ‘ ‘Morning Joe ‘ host Joe Scarborough slipped and said ‘fuck ‘ on live television at 8:13 EST Monday morning on MSNBC. ‘ This is the latest in several slip-ups from network anchors ranging from ‘fuck ‘ on Fox to ‘cunt ‘ on several news channels. The FCC, in charge of enforcing Standards and Practices on the airways, has surrendered to a new time in television and decided their official position on any future language complaints will be, ‘fuck it ‘.
Head Commissioner Ted Coltner expressed a frustration with having to fight the first amendment over and over again. ‘How many fucking times can I go in front of the courts and whine that people can ‘t say stuff? I used to be the kid on the playground drawing dragons with hairy twats that spewed fire from their clits. Now I ‘m the guy complaining about bad words? I ‘ve turned into my father and he was a real ass face. So fuck it. ‘
‘People fucking say what the fuck they want, ‘ said Commissioner Monahan. ‘It ‘s fucking 2008, Carlin is dead, what the cock shit do we care? ‘ Monahan added, ‘These newsy jack-offs don ‘t give a rats ass that they're cursing on live TV, so why should we? There are a lot more fucked up things to worry about in this god damn piss poor dick lick ass raping world. ‘

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