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The Greatest Collection Of Drunk Idiots You’ve Ever Seen… for real

People do crazy things when they are drunk, this is a fact! Sometimes they build up the courage to dance at weddings, only to looking like a complete loser. Other times they get their buddies together and pull some absurd prank on the first-time light weight passed out in the corner. And sometimes…. yes sometimes, they fall on their ass and spew a terrible mess all over themselves. This is a video dedicated to those people set to the only song that I feel makes sense for such a collection of epic imagery and devious undertakings. Here's to you America…. in the words of Royal Bliss, “I was drunk, I was loud, I was Invincible… and I was proud.”

Editing by The Chug Campion
Video courtesy of the Youtube Community
Music by Royal Bliss “I Was Drunk ‘

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