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Do You Like My New Dress?

Thank you for noticing that we look different! Anyone who tells you that you are a jerky boyfriend who only thinks about himself, is a slut and a liar.

We made some tweaks to the home page appearance and now we’re rockin a killer wide screen player! Isn’t it so much more entertaining to watch The Prop 8 Musical in wide screen? You’ll also notice a new “Best of the Week” section for the funniest stuff in the past seven days and “User Picks” are still programmed by you and what you’re clicking on most.

That’s not all – we moved into the future by being able to get in your face in every possible way – mobile, facebook, twitter. Find out about all that here.

And for god’s sake, if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, there couldn’t be a better time then now. When you sign up, you’ll be entered to win a personalized voice mail greeting from Will Ferrell.

Let us know what you think of the new stuff!

FOD Team

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