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Eartha Kitt and Harold Pinter Go On Date In Heaven


Moments after departing this mortal coil and entering the afterlife, famed playwright Harold Pinter and singer/actress Eartha Kitt met up for a hot dinner date in heaven Friday night. Sources say that Pinter, author of several highly acclaimed plays including “The Homecoming”, had always been an admirer of Kitt's performance as Catwoman on the “Batman” TV series, but had been too nervous to approach Kitt while living on earth. Likewise, Kitt had avidly followed Pinter's career since seeing the 1963 Dirk Bogarde drama “The Servant”, which Pinter scripted.
Though the two never met in while living, Pinter and Kitt died within 24 hours of each other on Christmas Eve, creating perfect timing for a heavenly dinner date. Sources say Pinter took Kitt to the top of a secluded cloud, where romantic harp music played. Wooing Kitt with dry Pinter-esque witticisms, the playwright was able to get to second base with the singer behind the 1953 novelty song “Santa Baby.” After being escorted to their cloud houses by a band of angels, the made plans for a second date Sunday night.
This is not the first time two celebrities who had nothing to do with each other in real life have rendezvoused in the afterlife. In 1989, a recently dead Bette Davis and Samuel Beckett canoodled next to the Pearly Gates. And in 1998, Frank Sinatra scored with Diana, Princess of Whales in the back of his cloud car.

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