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Most Popular Comedy Bits of the Year

Ah 2008. You’ve been good to us. We turned one, went on a college tour, got all hippy and naked at Bonnaroo, HBO came on board resulting in the Flight of the Conchords premiere, and we even affected a Presidential election with Paris Hilton. 2008 definitely gave us a lot of things to make fun of and here’s our list of the most popular comedy bits of the year. Enjoy!

2008’s Most Popular Comedy Bits
10. High Production Value mixed with Alcohol – The Drunk History Videos
9. Vintage Found Footage – Bill O’Reilly is an Asshole
8. Songs About Your Junk – Jon Lajoie’s Show Me Your Genitals
7. Palin Impressions – A Palin Playlist
6. Awkward Interviews – Between 2 Ferns with Zach Galifianakis
5. Literal Music Videos – Take On Me
4. Everything Human Giant
3. Anything with Cats
2. Katy Perry Parodies – Too Many Versions of “I Kissed a Girl”
1. Politics and bathing suits – Paris Hilton and Gina Gershon

Happy New Year everyone!

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