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Trash is Back! Your Guide to New Reality Shows

They say that since the economy is tanking, people will be home watching more television rather than going out and spending money. Thankfully, there are a lot of amazingly trashy new reality shows. A side note: the executives at VH1 should be commended for knowing how to spin off a dozen shows from one show.


A Bachelor style dating show where three ‘men ‘ who are completely dependent on their mothers for their livelihood, finances and any other decisions look for a love match with their mother ‘s help. Of course 90% of the women have posed for Playboy, an obvious deal breaker for the moms. There ‘s a nice mom, a cool mom and an irrational racist mom. Good luck to the women who win this show ‘ they end up with a pussy for a boyfriend and maybe the worst mother-in-law in the world.

(racist mom on the left wearing orange)



A spin off of The Hills starring Whitney Port after her move to New York City to work in fashion. It ‘s more fake friendships and bad boyfriends like The Hills, but something is missing with Whitney as the lead. She ‘s so likeable and smart, there ‘s not enough stupidity, pettiness, and evil. I never thought I ‘d say this, but I miss Spencer.

(Whitney in the middle, in between her two fake friends)



Another spin off of The Hills starring Brody Jenner and some dudes who want to be best friends with him (read: hang out with rich people and meet hot girls). It ‘s unintentionally queer and every episode features awkward moments where the contestants and Brody talk about how much they value friendship and the elimination ceremonies take place IN A HOT TUB. It ‘s weird and wonderful.

(Brody in the middle. Jealous dudes all around)

From Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher (a reality show match made in heaven) comes a beauty pageant where the gorgeous contestants don ‘t realize they are being judged on their inner beauty too. There are hidden cameras and the contestants lie even when they find out they were being secretly watched. People are horrible and this is where you can watch just how much.



The Gold Standard of Reality Trash! Bret swears this is his last season, but if we are lucky, he ‘ll be back. The third season brings the lowest common denominator of groupies, sluts, and hot trannie hookers. And this time, they ‘re LIVING ON A BUS. Think drunk and immoral bitches being forced to eat, sleep, and shit in one room. It ‘s heaven for viewers.

(Biggest hot trannie mess with the tits on the right)

Note: Keep your eye out for two new RoL spin offs ‘ Trophy Wife starring Megan and Daisy of Love starring, yeah, Daisy.
Be on the Lookout for These –


The 21st season (OMG) of The Real World starts tonight. It is filmed in HD (imagine the clarity of the fight scenes!), stars the series first transgender cast member (I ‘m scared for how mean the token redneck will be) and features eight roommates instead of the usual seven (clearly a buffer for the inevitable kicking out of one of the roommates). Even though half of the cast wasn ‘t alive when the first season of the Real World aired, this has the makings of one of the best.


A bunch of douchebags think that they ‘re competing to be ‘Mr. Awesome ‘ and then discover that their girlfriends have enrolled them in ‘Tool Academy ‘ where they will learn proper boyfriend behavior. It ‘s worth checking out just to watch stupid alpha male types break down and hopefully, cry.

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