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Mama Mia


“Mama mia, here I go again. My my, how can I resist you!” Those songs have been in my head forever. The movie was really entertaining, even though all I heard from your dad were sighs. I do wish that Barbara Streisand was in it instead of Meryl Streep – she was good, but Barbara would have been better. After seeing the play three times, compared to the movie, the play was better. They really overacted in the movie. They emphasized every acting thing. Like when they jumped, it was a definite jump. The guy who played the fiance was so skinny it was disgusting. I saw his hip bones. And Pierce Brosnan, who I love, doesn't have a voice at all. It was really bad to see James Bond trying to sing. I cringed at every solo. You do come out of it really happy. It's a feel good movie, I give it a B.

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