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Earlier this week, actor Matt Damon gave an interview to the Miami Herald in which he called NY Times ex columnist Bill Kristol an ‘idiot ‘ and James Bond a ‘misogynist sociopath ‘. Damon has been garnering a reputation for being opinionated since the comparing Sarah Palin ‘s candidacy to ‘a bad Disney film ‘ during the presidential election. Damon ‘s friends are not surprised saying, ‘Matt will call you out on your shit. Big or small. ‘
‘He ‘s been this way since high school, ‘ concurs childhood friend and actor Ben Affleck. ‘He used to flip out on our English teacher, Mr. Dobson, for giving us lame vocabulary tests. He ‘d call him stupid, but do it with SAT words like ‘vapid cretin ‘ or ‘fatuous half-wit ‘. ‘
Luciana Bozan, Damon ‘s wife, attested to Matt ‘s aggressiveness, ‘I ‘m not supposed to talk about this, but Matt ‘s middle name is Paige. Once my brother made a joke about that being a woman ‘s name and Matt laid into him. He called him a 'benighted philistine' and put him in a triangle choke which is a very painful jujitsu move he learned on Bourne. ‘
As a result, the Bozans and the Damons do not celebrate holidays together. Even Damon ‘s daughters notice his demeanor, ‘Daddy yells at sidewalk, ‘ announced his two-year-old Isabella. Damon insists he is not irrationally angry, just smart.

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