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The Day After We Broke Up. A Timeline.

  1. 10:14a woke up. missed your arms.
  2. 11:18a stared at your pillow.
  3. 11:47a drove to yoga. felt disconnected and cried during child pose.
  4. 12:31p made soup for lunch. spilled it. left it on the floor.
  5. 12:45p looked at a picture of you on the wall.
  6. 1:29p drank out of the glass you used last night for dinner.
  7. 1:56p held my breath so i wouldn't cry.
  8. 2:34p cried.
  9. 3:03p smelled the armpit of the tshirt you wore to bed.
  10. 3:24p went through our iphoto album.
  11. 3:44p printed all of our photos and taped them to the wall.
  12. 3:52p ripped all the photos off the wall and yelled at them.
  13. 4:01p turned my phone off, then back on, to make sure it was working. still no message from you.
  14. 4:05p listened to all of your old messages on my phone and srolled through our text conversations.
  15. 4:14p sent you a blank text so you would wonder if it was an accident or i really wanted to talk.
  16. 5:11p crawled under the area rug. found an old receipt from when we went to IHOP ironically.
  17. 5:55p started drinking beer.
  18. 6:32p my mom called. she could tell something was wrong. i lied and said i had the flu.
  19. 7:17p yelled at one of those dating shows on VH1. “YOU CAN'T FIND LOVE ON A GAME SHOW!”
  20. 7:47p googled how to get cast on one of those game shows.
  21. 8:12p sat on the floor in the kitchen.
  22. 8:56p left a message on my boss' voicemail. faked a cough so i won't have to go in tomorrow.
  23. 933p still coughing.
  24. 9:38p started crying because i'm coughing. am i being punished?!
  25. 9:39p choked on the mucus in my throat from crying.
  26. 10:01p texted you the word “please”.
  27. 10:22p ran out of tissues.
  28. 10:56p took tylenol pm.
  29. 11:32p drank another beer.
  30. 11:55p passed out.

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