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Lions for Lambs

Your father and I rented “Lions for Lambs” not “and Lambs” but “for Lambs.” Or maybe it's “and.” I liked it. It was pretty good. It was about the war in Iraq and a very headstrong senator played by Tom Crusie who was in the president's pocket. He knew about and was one of the backers a secret attack in Afghanistain. Meryl Streep was the reporter who – most of it was dialogue, it was probably originally a stage play – talked about “what about this” and “what about that.” You know, “This worked and that worked and that didn't work.” So Tom Cruise turned the tables on her and said the media doesn't ask the right questions. Meanwhile Robert Redford was a teacher with two students who died in Afghanistain. So it all tied together. It was very well written. The worst part about the movie was that Robert Redford had a face lift and he looked terrible. He should have just let his face go.

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