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I heard it was sad, but thought “I'm up for a good cry.” I took two packages of tissues. After 90 minutes I still had no idea what was going on. It was the most confusing movie I've ever seen. He worked for the IRS, then he doesn't work for the IRS. Some of it I start to figure out, but it was boring. I looked at my watch – there's probably 15 minutes left – I almost have it figured out, then suddenly the movie starts humming. First I thought it was my ear (b/c I have that ear thing) A man went out to check on it, the theater is trying to fix it, but it's ruining the rest of the movie. It was as if you had a 10 chapter book and you only read chapters 5, 6, 7 – that's how I felt.

Will Smith should stick to movies like Independence Day. He's not a dramatic actor. I should have realized from Pursuit of Happiness. No more movies where he has to grow his hair. I can't tell you anything about the movie. I have no idea.

Plus the fact, I wanted to cry and I didn't use one tissue. I should have cried b/c the movie was so bad. They should have called it 7 hours instead of 7 pounds. ‘

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