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The Dark Knight

I usually think the Oscars are too long and I don't like all the awards (like lighting – I know it's important, but who cares?). How come there's not a comedian hosting this year? I like Hugh Jackman, he's very pleasing to the eye, but I would rather have a comedian. Why isn't Ellen coming back? Billy Crystal? David Letterman?
In my professional opinion, I guess if you release a movie at the end of the year, you think you deserve an Oscar. What about the movies from January? Those are good, but nobody remembers them so they don't get nominated.
Favorite Movie: Gone with the Wind and Saturday Night Fever
Favorite Actress: Cher
Favorite Actor: John Travolta
The Dark Knight
Two words: extremely violent. Extremely, extremely. And action packed. There was so much action sometimes I didn't know who was hitting who. Are they hitting Batman? I didn't know. Heath Ledger was fabulous. He was as good a joker as Jack Nicholson. The theater was so crowded and we went at 4:40p. At the end they told us we had to leave and couldn't stay in to watch the credits. Isn't that illegal?

I think Heath will win for Best Supporting Actor. Not only because he passed away, but because he's great. He was the best Joker and I've seen all of them except Ceaser Romero.
I also think this movie should have been nominated for make-up.
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