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Gran Torino

This movie stunk. Number one, there weren't even any stars in it. They got all the sloppy second actors. They must have been extras. I could have acted better than that. There were two cops that i swear were being fed lines. Clint's voice is so bad, you want to give him a cough drop. This movie was as rough as his voice. It was another two hours wasting my time. Basically, I paid to hear every single racial slur possible. It was offensive to me. and I'm not even Asian.
Clint plays an old man and he's really old. His wife passes away and he lives in a neighborhood in Michigan (i thought it was LA). He's the last of a few white people still in that neighborhood because he's lived there for 100 years. A ‘ Vietnamese family moves in and he hates them! He says terrible things. He has a 1972 gran torino that he has to build at Ford for his job and a Vietnamese kid next door comes over to steal it. Well, then Clint almost shoots him, he starts with the rice patty comments, and the next thing you know, he's trying to save this kid. This old man ‘ fights off this gang of 5 Asian thugs. It's not realistic. He needs to not make anymore movies because they are all so predictable. He produced and directed it, so I'm sure he's getting critical acclaim.
By the way, we bought tickets for Marley and Me because this movie was sold out – I don't know why. We had to ‘ lie our way in there. Two people came in after us and they couldn't find seats. We must have took theirs. I felt bad about it, but that's what we wanted to see.
I'm glad Clint isn't nominated for Best Director because he wasn't the best. I think Milk should win for Best Director. I'm giving everything to Milk. Except Josh Brolin.

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