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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I thought it was called the Secret Life of Benjamin Button. It’s actually The Curious Case of. I can’t believe this was based on a short story! It was so long! It needed an intermission. During the last hour people were on their phones, texting, wanting to leave. At that point it was like, “Just be a baby already!”

When Benjamin is first born, he looks very old and has the body of a 7 year old – what the hell? I don’t understand in what world that happens. And something was with his accent – Was it British or Louisiana? And with a lisp? I only understood every other word he said. He ages, but backwards – you know what it’s about right? The best person in the movie was mama – the woman who adopted him.

I want to know who the make up artist was – when Brad Pitt is supposed to look 16 or 17 he is gorgeous. His eyes were sparkling. Even Kate Blanchett looked like a porcelain doll. Which doesn’t happen in real life. Whoever did the make up deserves to win an award for that. Do they give awards for make up? Oh the Dark Knight is nominated too? Oh shoot. Heath looked great. But I’ll go with Benjamin Button because it was more work.

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