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I hope Wall-E wins whatever it's up for. It's a cartoon with a message. A love story with recycling. I watched it with my two grandchildren and I hope they picked up on the part that if you make too much trash the world will end. Basically the people in the future are fat because they don't move any more. And you know, everybody always wishes they don't have to move and now they can see what would happen. My grandson asked if it was a movie about fat people and I told him that's what happens if you don't move. He said not to them because they play Wii all the time.
I like it because it was not one of those little kid cartoons with villains and princesses. It's just a really good story about helping the planet. I didn't mind the beginning with no talking and of course I asked the kids a ton of questions. I loved it, but I loved it more because I got to see it through their eyes.
Whoever came up with this is wonderful. It was different and took a lot of thought. Maybe they come from a family of garbage men.
Best Animated Movie – Wall-E of course!

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