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Daryl From OnCar

Ted thinks he ‘s screwed. He ‘s just locked his keys in the car. Fortunately, his brand-new fully-loaded 2007 ‘ Domestic Minivan comes equipped with OnCar ‘ ‘ the state-of-the-art on-board navigation/concierge/emergency help system with analog curb-feelers. Ted soon discovers that OnCar ‘ can do far more than advertised. One touch of that big red button and Daryl can get Ted virtually anything he wants. It ‘s like Knight Rider for the mid-life-crisis crowd. Daryl from OnCar ‘ : a story of customer service gone horribly right.

Starring Bob Clendenin
Writer/Producer – Ron Corcillo
Writer/Producer/”Daryl ‘ – Russ Carney of America
Director/Producer – David McWhirter
“Judy ‘ – Michele Scarabelli
“Angry Driver ‘ – Stephen Mendel
“Judy ‘s Dad ‘ – Floyd Dodd
“The Other Woman ‘ – Madelynn Fattibene

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